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Training & Development

Training and development -- or "learning and development" as many refer to it now -- is one of the most important aspects of our lives and our work. (Many people view "training" as an activity that produces the result or outcome of "learning" -- and learning is typically viewed as new knowledge, skills and competencies or abilities.) In our culture, we highly value learning. Yet, despite our having attended many years of schooling, many of us have no idea how to carefully design an approach to training and development. This topic in the Library provides an extensive range of information about training and development, including to depict how the many aspects of training and development relate to each other. Also, this topic explains how training and development can be used, informally or formally, to meet the nature and needs of the reader. An organization’s planned efforts to help employees acquire job-related knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors, with the goal of applying these on the job.

KBM Consultants also offers Training and Event Management. We help you to plan and manage all kinds of business events from training events to conventions, ensuring that they are both of high quality and effective.