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The rules and regulation are different for each country depending upon status of the client and on the host country expat hiring procedure, generic rule and regulation can be checked from the related countries offices, a briefing will be given to related specific regulation and rule

As Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest hosts of Pakistani workers, some of the following generic rules apply

  • Most of the Embassies for example the Royal Consulate of Saudi Arabia will only accept Machine Readable Passports.
  • Children between 12-15 years old must present along with their visa application, a valid Polio Vaccination card with no more than 4 weeks old.
  • The strict laws of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia state that any individual involved in drugs smuggling will be hanged to death
  • The Royal Embassy is authorized not to return any false documents submitted for attestation, in case they find any inconsistency.
  • The name written in the visa application form should be the same as the one in the Passport.
  • All photocopies must be neat, clear and visible.
  • The E-tickets should have the stamp of the corresponding airline.
  • Attestation from Foreign office must be done to the copy of marriage certificate and Form_B